Rave Reviews

I had a few minutes and I felt I needed to drop you a line concerning the 2013 Ram 1500 I recently purchased from Outer Banks Chrysler. I have been a Ford man all my life, as you well know, after selling me a couple over the course of a decade. However, when I started looking for a new truck I decided to let my friends at Outer Banks Chrysler have "a shot" at my business. As always, I knew that I would get the best possible honest sales effort from you and the best maintenance support possible from Harvey. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the product. The 1500 had all of the options I required, rides like a family sedan and was financially the best deal I could find! I have never been happier with a vehicle!! The only problem is keeping my wife out of the driver's seat. Thanks so much for your help and professional approach to helping me find the vehicle I needed.
Charles D. Poe2013 RAM 1500

I wanted to inform you & Junior that my first week driving the jeep was wonderful, like a dream----I LOVE THE JEEP. I have received TONS OF COMPLIMENTS (They love the color). We had our "first" snowfall today(not much, a few inches) and without hesitation I took the Jeep & it ran beautiful. I can't THANK YOU BOTH ENOUGH!! Please let Junior know we listened to his voicemail message & appreciate it. Lastly, please, please let him know I have told everyone that has come in contact with me about the GREAT DEAL & SERVICE we received at the dealership & it is SO WORTH THE TRIP. Have a super weekend!! :o)
Malia Ventura2013 Jeep Wrangler

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to experience something new. You handled all requests with great knowledge and provided excellent customer service! Being the director of customer service, it is all so often, that great skills go unnoticed. I just wanted to take a moment to let you and your teams know that, we received REMARKABLE customer service. We look forward to the next adventure here in the Outer Banks on the trip back and will definitely see you again! Thanks, The Brysons

I would recommend that you send someone from Chrysler's headquarters to OBX Chrysler Dodge Jeep and have them observe an organization that truly knows how to take care of their customers' needs in a professional, curteous and prompt manner. I live in northern NJ and can say with 100% certainty that there isn't a single dealership that would be willing to go to the extent that Junior and his dealership went to assure my truck was ready for me to drive it home. My radiator started leaking around 6pm Friday night. I spoke with Junior around 7pm. He assured me that my truck would be working on Saturday if it was in his dealership by 7:30am Saturday. I called Junior back around at 9pm to tell him that I needed to have the truck towed to the dealer. When I called at 7:30 on Saturday morning, the truck was being pulled in the shop by Junior himself! I have never heard of a dealership owner doing that for a customer; especially not a first-time customer at that dealership. By 10am I was already on my way back to the condo I had rented with my family in a truck that was working perfectly!
Erich Reiss2003 Dodge Ram 1500

Thank you for making this car buying transaction so enjoyable. Steven and Danny love it. Sincerely Jesse Rizzo
Jesse Rizzo2007 Jeep Rubicon

...thank you to your Service Department for the great job they did getting our Durango back up and running in time for us to return to Florida. If they had not been able to complete it as quickly as they did, we would have been stuck renting a car and getting a hotel room for at least the weekend...So, Harvey and your service technician Vic went above and beyond what I would expect on such short notice to get us back up and running. They explained everything in ways we could understand and provided us with other information to relay to our dealership here in Florida, which they did not have to do. It is nice to deal with good, honest people and they kept us informed of their progress throughout the ordeal. I am in the insurance claims business so I know how some people perceive certain businesses but I do not hesitate to recognize outstanding customer service, which is exactly what we received. Thanks Again for All You Folks Did!!!!!
Greg McGraw